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The death of Cudora? part 1

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22nd Dec 2017, 10:43 AM How to make a Scyfy channel movie

How to make a SciFI channel movie: First get a has been actor that did something fairly popular 20-30 years ago and has been clinging to that fame like one of those boogers that stick to your finger and you can't seem to flick it off. Next if the has been actor is too old to do stunts or walk without assistance add another male to the movie that looks like a Ken doll that has a touch of down syndrome. Think of a young Jerry O'Connell's brother. Now cast the female lead. 18 year old girls about one step away from doing porn are preferred, but former Playmates that look like porn stars work as well. Now it's time for our creature. Make up some dumbass variation of Shark, Snake or Crocodile. Extra points if they are robotic, Mega or who cares part of a Tornado. We can make anything no one really gives a shit at this point. Finally comes the CGI. Also use the Jerry O'Connell's ugly brother method. Some of the biggest Visual effects artists have siblings that suck hard too, but god love them try anyway. Congratulations your movie is made and you amount to nothing.